Psychic Expo in Hamilton Ontario


I spent a good deal of time at the Hamilton Psychic Expo today. The energy was overwhelming; I actually found it to be quite suffocating. I’m still working on creating energy walls against energies I find intrusive.

There were a few moments where I actually felt dizzy from everyone reaching in, trying to read me. I *know* they were trying to read me, because I was reading doing it. And I *know* they were reading me, because I had many, many comments from many, many tables about my energy: “You are very easy to read,” “Wow, you feel strong,” “Are you a healer?” “You must be a healer.”

They weren’t wrong, but I didn’t ask to be read as I was walking by your table. I find it intrusive, and as energy-working folks, they should have known better: you ask before you step into that space and know someone that intimately.

I wanted to be read by someone, and I brought my mother along with me. My mother was asking me “who felt right” as we did the rounds, and one woman gave off a very strong, but very loving energy. I could feel my guides press upon me, as I often do, but not in an uncomfortable manner. I decided to go with her, and I was glad I did. I asked her for confirmation about my life path, about my spiritual journey, and she just confirmed what I was feeling in my spirit. It was a beautiful reading. She recorded it, and will be sending me the MP3 at some point, and when I get it and listen to it again, I will write about it all in more detail.

She started her reading by telling me she sees Scarabs. I was blown away… with my connection & love of Egypt, I was immediately “turned on” and ready to receive her messages. That was a clear message from my guides, ensuring this woman was for real.

At one point, I asked her for messages from my Spirit Guides and she looked at me, quite confused, and said, “Did you really just ask me that? You’re joking, right? You need to stop doubting yourself. You hear them, you see them, you feel them. I’m not getting in between that relationship you are building.” I laughed. And I also felt far more confident in my skills, my abilities, and my ongoing and ever-building relationship with my guides. It was a beautiful thing.

I left my business cards for Seeking Celestial Grace around the place and they disappeared almost instantly, so if you’re here because of coming across my card on a table at Crowne Plaza, you are meant to be here, we are meant to have a connection, and I’m happy you’re here. Explore, read, participate in the discussion, and reach out if you would like a reading or some guidance from me. You’ll find that my prices are quite low, and perhaps it may have you doubting my abilities, but feel free to have a look at my testimonials, and understand that this is not my primary income, but something I want to do because I know my purpose in this life is to help, and the assistance-karma is my true reward.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Post Scriptum: I also bought a new deck – The Hobbit Tarot. I’m already in love… You can expect an interview with the deck, soon.


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