Book of Shadows

Namaste, folks!

I had someone on Instagram comment on my video of my Book of Shadows that they loved what I’ve begun to put together, always wanted to do one, themselves, but that they had no idea where to begin. And thus, this blog post was inspired! (Thank you, beautiful goddess!)

First, what is a Book of Shadows?
While a BoS is usually a text that is used by Wicca or Pagan individuals, it’s basically a collection of important spiritual writings or information that guide one’s practice or collects many sources in one easy-to-use text, for quick access. Instead of buying a BoS at a book store, compiling one turns the text into an immensely personal object and something that can be passed down to generations if you so choose. It also becomes alive as it is ever-changing (you can add things or take away things as you see fit).

How could it be made?
Some people just buy a lovely notebook and it becomes the place within which they collect their thoughts, ideas, and collection of spiritual information, but mine was made a bit differently.

I took a binder (easy to add and remove pages in a binder!) and I used Mod Podge to cover the front and back of the plastic. I then layered on brown tissue that I had crumbled up to give the book texture. I even folded some tissue paper and made a fake “binding” look on the spine of the binder. I used alphabet stickers to label my BoS and added a bit more texture and design with a dry brush and some tan paint.

I am using protective binder sheets within my BoS so that my pages can easily be moved around and organized as I see fit. I’m using pretty page labels on the edges so that I can quickly access the information that is important to me. And I am designing all of my pages on scrapbook paper that I cut and slip into the protective plastic when I am done.

It’s simple, easy to use, easy to change around, and it’s lovely to look at which is always a bonus!

But how do I start? What pages do I need in here?
The easiest way to begin compiling your BoS is to start with the most important pages of your text and the inspiration for the rest will follow.
The first pages of your BoS should have:
An authorship (made by, on what date) and dedication page (the gods/goddesses/spirits you worship/dedicate this text to)
A page that states the law of your coven (if you’re in one) or of your spirit (things you abide to within your spiritual practice)

From there, the rest will follow. But in case the inspiration doesn’t flow naturally, here are some ideas of what you can put in your BoS:
– spells
– important tarot spreads or info
– numerology info
– astrological info
– elemental info
– herbology info
– the wheel of the year
– information about gods/goddesses/spirits/other
– memorable dreams you had
– moments of intuition
– making notes of synchronicity in your life
– chakra info
– your favourite yoga poses
And there are so many more possibilities you can role with!

This text is immensely personal and need not be fancy, but it does help to create a bond with yourself, your spirit, the Great Spirit, and your practice in a way I cannot explain in a blog post. I highly recommend it for all spiritual individuals out there, looking to make their lives just a little more sacred!

Please share photos of your Books of Shadows if you make one/have one!

Blessings, Love&Light!


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