Equinox in Tune

Blessings! Namaste! 

As you may have read in my previous posts, I’m in the middle of the forest on an overnight trip with students and while I was dreading it, it’s the time I get alone that make the experience so valuable to me. 

I took a solitary walk on the grounds, which are South Algonquin and are absolutely beautiful. While I was walking, a frog made himself known and I had a moment with him. Then, when I was walking along, wondering what my spirit animal might be, a rabbit walked right in front of me, crossing my path, looking at me but knowing I wasn’t a threat. Later along this solitary walk, I was contemplating for a sign about my spirit animal, again, and I heard movement in the bushes around me. Again, a rabbit stepped out, right in front of me, this time running as if to say, “catch me if you can!” I never imagined that my spirit animal could be a rabbit. I have always been drawn to wolves, owls, and lions… How can I know for sure, what my totem friends look like? Can anyone help with this? 

The starry sky was outstanding; so clear, so beautiful, and the crisp air made the experience so magical. I love Autumn and I love being up North. It’s the only place in Canada that really feels like home. 

I also retired to bed a bit early in order that I could do an Autumn Equinox spell. Setting my intentions for the new season – my favourite season – is very important to me. Making time for sacred moments on such a special night was absolutely necessary to me. 

This trip is teaching me patience, better understanding of the adolescent mind, and it’s allowing me the time I so desperately have been guided to spend in nature, where I belong. I’m grateful for this opportunity, regardless of how exhausting it is. 

Goodnight, beauties. 



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