Tips and tricks appreciated

Morning blessings!

I need some help… I’m not a night owl (I get pretty sleepy as soon as the sun dips) and I’m not an early morning person (before 8:30am is pushing it) but I do get a lot of spiritual work done, focused, in the morning hours. 

My problem is as such: I started work again which means early wake times, and I’m currently driving a friend, meaning wake times are at 5:40am. I’m not only too tired to focus on the spiritual, but when I finally start waking up, it’s time for me to head out of the house. I don’t start my morning with something spiritual and so I feel as if I haven’t started my day on the right foot.

I don’t want to rush the sacred. I definitely can’t do the waking up any earlier business. I’m so torn. 

How do you all balance the spiritual with the work day? 

Love and Light!


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