The Byzantine Tarot – Read & Review

I got a new deck and LORD, is it beautiful! I was drawn to it for two reasons:
1. I felt too attached to my Shadowscapes deck and I was told by a beautiful individual that it’s not too healthy to constantly stick with one deck for all readings – client, personal and otherwise.
2. I wanted an “Orthodox Icon” deck for a while, as I have seen them online before! This one crossed my path when I was browsing in a bookstore a little while from home!


As per usual, I imprinted each card within the deck upon first opening it and slept with them by my bedside. My first impression of the cards were that they are LONG and thin – which makes them hard to shuffle and not very durable! But I realized after going back to my Shadowscapes cards that the cardstock was of a similar quality, but glazed rather than matte, which might have given it a thinner feel. I like how long they are because they seem other-worldly and very magical (if that makes any sense!), despite how difficult they are to mix up.

If you haven’t read my other Tarot reviews (if you scroll down to the very bottom of this homepage, there is a drop-down menu where you can select ‘reviews’ and view my other Tarot Deck overviews), I always start getting to know the deck by asking it about itself with three simple questions… they are as follows:

What does the deck want me to know about it? – HOLY FOOL

Be prepared to see the world with eyes anew! This deck will knock down the walls of my tarot readings and give me a new beginning of divine awareness. The deck brings along with it fresh wisdom and awareness and challenges me to embody the nature of The Fool when I read with them: constantly seeking understanding and Light in all my readings.

The deck itself may seem a little absurd or extravagant but it isn’t foolish in the least: it’s breaking the patterns of readings and opening me up to new adventures!

I like that this card showed up in the very first reading, because it emphasizes to me that I need to remove my attachment to my other deck and start exploring my abilities through new imagery and new divine magick. It gives me confirmation that I was right in taking the step to getting a new deck that I might feel just as connected with.


Which card do you want me to see? – PAGE OF CUPS

Ah — the messenger of emotions! Mediating between me and my clients, I’m sure! The deck is emphasizing to me that they’re already loyal to me, and ready for us to form a devotion with one another. It’s a humble deck who doesn’t want to brag of it’s abilities, but needs me to know that it loves it’s divine work and wishes to be my “shining star” in this relationship we are forming!

What do the cards think of me? – SIX OF COINS (PENTACLES)

It’s very interesting that I frequently get a “six” when I ask my decks what they think of me… The number of harmony!

The deck believes that I have gifts to share with the “less fortunate” (which I simply read as people not tuned into their psychic abilities) and that gift is of wisdom. It also emphasizes that, with it’s presence in my life, I should feel the bounty of it’s gifts that it has to offer me – and I surely do, already! The deck thinks I am generous and kind, ready to offer my talents and abilities to those who need me most.

The awesome text this deck comes with is 160 pages in length and is immensely detailed on the history of the Byzantine Empire which inspired these cards, as well as insanely thorough card understandings and some wonderful, simple spreads at the end of the book. The cards themselves are haunting and inspiring, with beautiful Orthodox iconography which ties the Pagan roots of Christianity wonderfully, and gives my Tarot readings a “holy” feel.  I’m loving the bond I am forming with this deck!

Here are a few photos of my favourite cards (it was hard to choose just one and I’m sure you can see why!):

I am always drawn to “My Queen” personification card, as I like to believe it to be!:

Look at this detail! Outstanding…

I realized I didn’t include a photo of the back of the deck, as I usually do, but MY GOD! The back is just as beautiful and detailed as the front! Blue with gold borders, peach-coloured doves in the corners, stars… simply lovely.
Have you gotten a new deck recently? Or is there a deck you’re particularly fond of, as of late? Let me know in the comments!


In other news, my Tarot Readings are changing – evolving! – to more glorious and thorough options. I’ve been exceptionally drawn to using my Romany Fortune Telling and Archangels Oracle cards in my client readings, as of late, and I have found them to give readings a perfect all-around “conclusion” or a clear overview of the message the guides and fates want to get to my clients. The way they perfectly relate to the Tarot readings is outstanding and of an immensely divine nature!


I have decided to add them to my readings as an “extra” option: $1USD for an Angel Oracle addition and $1USD for a Romany Fortune Telling addition.

If this is something you’re interested in adding to your readings, simply indicate which you’d like added! I have found the messages to be of an immensely high vibration and truly on-point. I can’t thank my guides enough for the growth in this aspect of my readings!

Do you have any oracle cards that you use frequently? Do you prefer them to Tarot or vice versa?

Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting! So much love sent to you beautiful souls ❤

Blessings, Love&Light


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