Spirit Guides

Blessings, beautiful brothers & sisters of the light!

Today has been a chaotic day, but I would like to do a short post about Spirit Guides. When I do my readings for my clients, I go beyond my own spirit guides and ask the Archangels for their guidance (and I intuitively feel their energies and pull with my readings). But tapping in to my own Spirit Guides, beyond daily intuitive thoughts, predictive dreams, feeling their pressure on my upper arms when they’re present and often knowing when things are going to happen before they do, I always want to see them: something about seeing makes it feel all the more real (it’s my ego-desires, I am aware).

Last night I was doing my first personal reading in a very long time. I don’t take enough time to read for myself, though I know I should as a meditative practice. It became an immensely emotional reading, and at the end, I begged my Spirit Guides to see them. My eyes welled up with tears as I said, “goodnight” and flipped my final card… The Moon – my goodnight from my guides, and a mention to recognize my own psychic gifts, seeing past the illusions of the ego. It was a comforting moment, and made me laugh out loud as I felt the pressure of my guides’ energies on my arms.

I then proceeded upstairs and stood in the dark washroom, staring into the mirror with the little bit of light that was pouring in. It was at that point, in a trance-like state, feeling the comfort of my guides’ reading, that I saw them: two outlines of two people standing next to me – a male energy felt on my left, only slightly taller than me, and a female energy on my right with what seemed to be an outline of large wings! I put my hands out to either side of me, palms up, and felt very overwhelmingly strong balls of energy within both of them… I pushed that energy slowly into my Heart Chakra and was completely taken aback by the love and contentment that filled me – a sign that Doreen Virtue states as proof that you’re communicating and working with your Spirit Guides.

It may not have been given to me as a clear image that satisfies my human expectations as to what sight should provide me, when I ask that I may “see”, but it was a comforting and beautiful gesture by my guides.

I have noticed my cat – my familiar – has been exceptionally present when I am involved in Spiritual tasks, since…

Have you every seen your guides? How do you communicate with them?

Now if only they’d tell me their names…

Blessings, Love & Light!


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