Blessings on this full moon!


I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful and much-needed vacation. Our favourite spot was when we discovered a Blue Lagoon on the far end of a private island in the Bahamas, post-storm. The water was warm, the lagoon was empty except for one other couple, the rain was drizzling overhead, and the experience was surreal. What a dream!

I bought some beautiful sacred/spiritual goods when we explored Buffalo prior to our early morning flights.

This astrology tapestry fits a queen size bed or can be hung beautifully on the wall… I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet, but I absolutely adore it!

I’m an Aquarius, and my sign fits me perfectly. What’s your sign? Do you find you fit well with it?

This chakra tapestry is taller than I am! Again, not sure where I’ll be hanging this one, but how could I resist such a beautiful piece?

Another beautiful wall tapestry/blanket that I have to decide upon where it should be used.

I also got a beautiful new blanket for my altar with Sanskrit as well as Krishna and Radha around the borders. It’s a bright mustard yellow with maroon print and it really brightens up my altar space and affirms the positive energy of it all. It’s a perfect addition to my altar!


Full moon tonight! Unfortunately, due to the full moon, I had difficulty sleeping and I’ve been experiencing some nausea. It’s a lot of energy and I’ve been feeling immensely receptive due to all the vacation rest, vitamin D and energy overloads from being near the ocean 24hours a day, for four days straight.

I would have liked to perform a spell from my new Moon Spell book but I don’t have the appropriate candles for the occasion; I need to purchase various coloured ritual candles to perform many of these spells and all I have is white.

Everyone is referring to this full moon as a Super Moon because of it’s close orbit to earth, but let’s not forget that it’s a full moon in August which makes it a Corn Moon! It’s the perfect moon for affirmations and intentions related to giving thanks to Mother Earth and putting away anger and disagreements. The fact that the moon is on a Saturday ties it to Saturn’s energetic connections, and the moon is in Pisces which makes it an emotional, perceptive and sensitive moon (which explains my nausea!).

Full moons are highly psychic and intuitive phases, and you may feel as though your spiritual abilities are heightened! It’s a perfect time for celebration and for spells of almost any kind.

Are you feeling the effects of this full moon or is it just me?!
Are you celebrating La Luna in any wonderful way?!
Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love&Light, and I missed you all!


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3 thoughts on “LUNA-tic!

  1. This Full Moon was super emotional for me! I felt like the Pisces waters were raging inside and around me! I’m still feeling a bit of the upheaval but not as much as Saturday’s energies.

    I love your new goodies! I’ve been keeping an eye out for pretty chakra tapestries and yours is absolutely lovely! The blanket / tapestries are beautiful, too! Great finds! 🙂

    Your photo of the beach is making my heart ache with longing for the ocean! I’ll be heading to the beach soon and I can’t wait! It looks like a magical place! Glad you had a wonderful trip! xoxo


    1. Oh, it was TOO much! At first it was exciting but then it got far too overwhelming. I even had to take a melatonin to get too sleep — it had me tossing around, uncomfortably, nonstop!

      You can find these amazing tapestries on Ebay, as well, for very reasonable – and comparable! – prices (often with free shipping!). The same ones I bought featured here can be found on Ebay for the same price! They take about 2 weeks to get to you, but that gives you two weeks to decide where to put them 😛

      I miss the ocean, already… I feel home when I am close to water and my energies are intertwining with that beautiful element… Enjoy your trip 🙂 xo

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