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Namaste, friends!

I’m heading out of the country tomorrow – a long overdue vacation! – and I began to set aside what spiritual/sacred goods of mine I want to take with me as I travel. It got me thinking:
1. I have too much that I want around me all the time!
2. What do others pack in a spiritual travel bag?!


Here’s what I’m packing in mine:

– 3 books; Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Handbook (nearly finished it, and it will likely just be an unnecessary weight after the first day!), Discover Your Psychic Abilities handbook, and my Moon Spells book (which emphasizes that it is not a witchcraft book, by the way!)
– My Shadowscapes Tarot
– The Book of Dreams is a little leather, hand-bound notebook that my brother got for me in Amsterdam… I use it for Tarot notes. I wasn’t a vegetarian when he bought it for me, but I no longer purchase leather goods.
– A handful of crystals that resonate with me and feel appropriate for my travels.

But I still feel like I’m missing important things! I’m sure I’ll end up coming home with more sacred goodies than I left with, but I still can’t help but feel like I should bring more with me. Unfortunately, I can’t bring incense, as it cannot be burnt in the room I’m going to be in, but I’ll be on a cruise and the salty air will be incense enough, for me!

I cannot wait to be one with the sea, again. I am most energized and invigorated and spiritually driven when I am near an ocean (something that is no where near my home in the Greater Toronto Area). I’m ready for it, and I’m longing for it. The best part of cruises are the midnight hours on the top deck, in total silence, lying beneath the starry skies in the middle of the ocean. It’s outstanding.

What items do you bring along with you, when you travel or go on vacation? What is inside the spiritual pack that you carry? Share in the comments below!

Again, please head to my Tarot Reading page to see the delays that will occur in light of this travel. Thank you for your understanding.

And, as always, thanks for reading!
Blessings, my sisters and brothers!


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4 thoughts on “traveling spirituality

  1. I currently am trying to figure out what spiritual items to pack into my hospital bag for the upcoming birth of my baby…and it always feels like I’ll be missing something too! I’m definitely taking some crystals, essential oils, my prayer notebook and maybe one oft my favourite spiritual books with me. But I somehow still feel like I need my entire altar and spiritual equipment to get through me through the experience and stay! 😉


    1. Ah! First of all: CONGRATS! That’s such an exciting time! Secondly: I can totally understand the struggle! I would want my offspring to come into a room that is sacred and full of life and spirit! I would want to pack my whole altar, as well!


  2. I hope you have fun! I totally know how you feel – I’d want to carry everything with me, too! The last time I traveled, I packed a deck that I didn’t mind losing (because it would be easy to get another one) and my most special crystals (tucked away in my purse) to help me stay strong for others. I keep it light because I’m terribly sentimental so I’d be afraid of losing something and end up feeling torn up about it forever. I am working on that, though! ❤ Safe travels! ❤ xoxo


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