the beauty in new beginnings

What an absolutely marvelous day!

This morning, I awoke to three e-mails requesting Tarot readings, and a fourth quickly followed. That immediately set my morning routine into one of high frequency and blessed nature. Instead of my usual meditations, I got right into reading two clients, which is much like a meditation in itself: it’s focused, I look into myself to interpret the reading accordingly, there are rituals involved, and it is quiet and sacred. With the added benefit of helping someone else with my reading, this makes the “meditative” practice of Tarot reading even more life-giving and spiritually satisfying.

My first reading, following the development of this website, came from a young woman who felt very lost. She has been drawn to move to a new location, she is unsure of what spiritual paths she should follow on, she needs direction and assurance of what is to come. Her reading was loud and clear, to me, and I think it was clear for her, as well.

It went as follows:

My client is being pulled to move – should she?: REVERSED DEATH

Death is a card that symbolized change. It’s about ending one phase of your life and starting a new one. For this to be successful, you must be open to the change and organize our life in a way that makes the change work. This means letting go of that in our lives which is no longer useful to growing and bettering ourselves. Reversed death means you are currently stagnant and there is some fear in you to let go and leave all behind that has let you down. Don’t be. If you no longer deny any opportunities awaiting you, you will be filled with abundant satisfaction and you will find what you are looking for.

Will my client find love?: THE FIVE OF PENTACLES

This card indicates some suffering – possibly financial – but it shows a couple united through the suffering (possibly united by the suffering). But do not be afraid! This, tying in with your other card, could simply indicate that you meet someone who is spiritually lost, like yourself, and is searching for answers about who they are. You *will* meet someone on your spiritual path, and they will also be on the same path as you – but remember that it may not be an easy one! You will be each other’s strength in difficult times.

Will my client be happy?: THE HERMIT

This card asks that you first spend time spiritually bettering yourself, that it’s a time to be alone and look inward. It indicates that you have all the answers you need to be happy within you, you just need to take the time to look and learn. Perhaps meditation would be a way to improve your inward understanding. Along with the Five of Pentacles, this card suggests that you will be happier to worry about finding yourself, first, before finding love. And, along with death, this card indicates that change will help guide you towards a happier you, because it is there where you will see your full potential.

A card fell out of the deck as I was shuffling for my client’s reading, and this indicates that the card wishes to be read; it is a message from the universe. It was THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE card.
This card indicates that there is a positive change of fortunate events that will happen in my client’s life. It indicates change and embracing that change for your true “destiny” to come to fruition. It indicates taking a risk. The card also has the points of North South East and West on it, insinuating that a move is possibly a part of this fateful change.

Whoa – what a moving and inspirational reading! This truly indicates positive change and stresses for a focus on spiritual gratification and development over earthly cares and concerns.

– – – – – – –

Following two readings this morning, before I rushed to spend the day at my brother’s pool, my cat showed up and jumped upon the cloth where I was reading. She laid down and showed a lot of interest in the cards I was using. So, I fanned them out and I asked her to pick one for me. She sniffed down the line and then began to nibble on the corner of a card, swatting it with her paw. I took that to be the card for the day, and it was THE MOON.


My particular Tarot of the Moon card is intense and rather breathtaking. It gives me a sense of calm and understanding, though it is a card of clearing and of potentially dark paths. Considering it arose following my readings for this new blog endeavor of mine, I take it to mean that I may be headed on a dark path, but I must be aware of the goal at hand. I must let go of whatever may hold me back from pursuing a spiritual career, along with teaching, and simply follow the path that I intuitively believe is right for me. Using my dreams and having internal dialogues with myself will allow for an easier journey, but I must be prepared to face challenges, and these lessons may come to assist me in the journeys to follow.

I really love the Moon card, because it is a perfect representation of the little spunky canine I have named Luna (which means Moon in Italian). She is wise, intuitive, and brightly “lit” and full of life, but sometimes she has a side to her that is dark and can throw you back from really understanding who she is. She is misunderstood and deceiving, all at the same time. She is a blessing, and sometimes a (very loved) curse!

Thank you again, for taking the time to read.
Please tell your friends about this site. Spread the word and spread the love!

Have a look at the ‘SACRED ART OF TEA’ page of this site, as it has been slightly updated and I hope to bring further exciting developments to it, soon. 

Blessings, Love&Light xo


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