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My first post in my new blog! This is terribly exciting, as I’ve felt the overwhelming need to chronicle spiritual things on the daily, and I also wish to share them with the world. And so, Seeking Celestial Grace has been born!

The purpose of this blog is to create a gathering place of other-worldly things, thoughts, readings, opinions, ideas, writings, etc. This is my outlet for my spiritual life and I hope to immerse you in it, as well. Whether it be through sharing my inspired art, my daily thoughts, meditative mumbles, crystal-of-the-day or tarot readings, it will all be here. If I visit my favourite metaphysical shop, you will be a part of it. If I have a day filled with high-vibrations and happiness, you will be a part of it. If I have a low day, you’ll help me get through it by being a part of it. This blog will come alive through you reading it and sharing in these spiritual aspects of life, with me. So thank you for visiting!

If you don’t know who I am, here is a little bit about me (which will also be cross-posted in the ‘About Me’ section of my page):


My name is Claudia Amendola. In Italian, my name is pronounced Cloud-ya, hence why I am the ‘Cloud’… a temporary sky-creature who is just passing by and peeking at what this beautiful world has to offer. And I want to share many of those beautiful things with you!

I am an Empath and a Lightworker. (click the words for a description of each)
I have met & am with my Twin Flame.
I am drawn to ancient cultures and their religious practices, art, and mindful stories as they remind me of home.
I collect crystals (and might be heading into a Tarot deck addiction).
I burn incense on the daily and have Archangels by my side.
I love to read and I love to write.
I love to craft and I love to cuddle my pet babies (2dogs, 1cat, 2birds).
I love animals and I’m a vegetarian; meat-eating makes me emotional and Archangel Michael has guided me into a plant-based lifestyle.
I’m a teacher in a Gifted classroom.
I’m Disney fanatic who is covered in tattoos.
My happy places are up North at the cottage, in Paris, France, and at a Disney park.
I am a super geek (Star Wars, Harry Potter, X-Men, Narnia, Doctor Who & LOTR top the charts), and I cosplay at various conventions.

I’m also perfecting my Tarot craft. And I’m starting to do this via journaling, learning new cards, spreads, and meanings, as well as attempting daily readings as a way to get familiar with my cards, recognize trends that are reoccurring and assess them accordingly, and better my skills.

And so, today’s card that I pulled was: the hanging man (reversed)


How fitting that I pull this card on the day I leave the cottage! I just had an absolutely amazing week, in the peaceful paradise that is up-North. It is truly my happy place. But this morning, knowing we were to be leaving early afternoon, the day was filled with anxiety and anticipation for something of no satisfaction: the drive back home. The reversed hanging man also represents an energy leaving a life and things falling back into a usual routine… truly accurate! Out of paradise and back to home life.

We were also met with unbelievable traffic, causing our drive to be extended to 1.5hours more than usual. The reverse hanging man represents a moment of absolute standstill: traffic was just that!

This card, reversed, also represents a lack of spiritual nourishment. Because of the cold winds in the morning that turned me away from my usual dock meditation, the anxiety-filled day and the afternoon and evening spent in a car (with the radio on scan for the majority of it), I was definitely lacking spiritual nourishment. This card definitely has my day down pat.


Thank you, once again, for taking the time to visit and read my blog. I intend on daily updates, and the more I know my writings to be reaching and touching the souls of others, the more inspired I will be to keep writing!

You can contact me using any of these social media options:
e.mail – seekingcelestialgrace@gmail.com
twitter – @seekingcelestialgrace

For a limited time, I can offer you a free tarot reading via e.mail. I am perfecting my craft and appreciate anyone who would like to take the time to e.mail me for a free reading. My readings are all done with blessings from Archangels.

Please send me your full name, your birth date, where you live, and any questions or concerns you have that you’d like to be answered, or what you’d like your general reading to be focused on. Please note that I will never share your personal information.
Also, please let me know if I have the permission to share your reading (question & answer with names removed) on my blog. If you do send me an e.mail with a tarot request, I will try and respond to you in 24 hours or less. I cannot guarantee that Tarot readings will be delivered in 24 hours, I cannot do “rush readings”, and I take no responsibility if the readings upset you.

My e.mail address is: seekingcelestialgrace@gmail.com

Love&Light-Have a blessed night!


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3 thoughts on “Let’s get things started

  1. Thank you, so much! Blessings! I have featured your amazing crystal covered phone case in my “Understanding Crystals” section of my blog. Love & Light and thank you for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts 🙂


  2. Hello Claudiia
    Thank you for your generous offer to read for me.
    I am in Australia at present
    My darling Buddy (German Shepherd Mix) went into the Light six weeks ago.I miss him so much and !I am feeling llost
    Can you tell me that he is ok and what is in store for me in my life without him ??
    Many thanks
    Frances Hingston
    04/04/1947. (68 )


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