Because I have so many outstanding clients who give me out-of-this-world testimonials and recommendations to their friends and social media connections, I decided to compile them onto one page for easy access for potential clients who want to have a taste of what others have to say about my spiritual work. More recent testimonials can be seen on my Instagram under the ‘Testimonials’ story highlight.


When I met Claudia I was at a low point and drinking excessively. I didn’t have a dependency, but I didn’t have a reason to stop either. Talking to her, I found not only someone I vibed with but someone I could trust. She never brought up her readings, I found that on my own. After my reading, my ship had a new heading and I had a reason to stop. Thanks to Claudia I found my way again.

Kai, 2022

“During my Higher Soul Consciousness Reading, I asked Claudia to help me communicate with my Spirit Baby. It was the first time I’ve requested her to help me connect to my unborn child. Her ability to heal through words and bring me closer to this little soul was powerful. She was able to dig through some of my existing blockages and help discuss them with my partner. She’s so gifted and confirmed what another clairvoyant read to me a couple of months ago. Claudia’s readings always end with transcendent energy healing that leave me relieved and blissfully happy. Thanks for bringing light into this world! “
– Julie, 2022

“I’m planning on taking a big overseas trip later in the year for self-discovery, and this mini reading was perfect to gain insights on some of the things I should look out for, and practice, while I’m there. It feels good knowing the steps I can take to delve deeper within myself spiritually. Thank you Claudia!!”
– Nataskia, 2022

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cloud’s High Soul Consciousness Reading. The messages that come through to her are ones that touch the soul- those feelings that you only think to yourself, the pain you keep buried underneath everyday life- comes out. I am so grateful for Cloud.

Each time that I have received a reading from her, I just get overwhelmed with emotion because how does she know exactly how I’m feeling?! Down to phrases I say and conversations I have? It is just unreal. She is truly gifted and she tells you what you need to hear but is gentle with the harsh truths that sometimes have to surface in order for you to get clarity. Seriously I get chills! Cloud is kind, thoughtful with her feedback and she is very generous with her insight.

This is reading that you will go back to over and over again. 

Samantha, 2021

“Hi Cloud, Thank you for the reading, just soaking it all in and reflecting… Really appreciate and love that you have taken the time to write such detailed information and even wrote it like you are talking face-to-face with me! It makes the whole experience feel more personal rather than ‘just an email’.” – Nat (September 2019)

“Dear Claudia, thank you again so much for the reading. I see so many things which I completely true in your reading and even though you don’t know me in person I feel like you know me so well.” – Ti (September 2019)

“I don’t know where to start! While reading your messages, so many emotions overcame me. I randomly got goosebumps from certain messages, I broke out in uncontrollable tears, and honestly felt my heart was full. All the messages were very clear and made complete sense. I’m so excited for my next journey, and now feel comfort in knowing it’s all going to work out.  Thank you my dear Cloud, I will definitely highly recommend you. Thank you for the amazing reading, God Bless you in all that you do. ” – Natascia (August 2019)

“Thank you so much dear Cloud. That was helpful giving me some insight through a complicated situation. Thank you for your detailed, personalized reading that reflects your sensitive and loving soul.” – Anissa (August 2019)

“I was a little nervous about getting a reading online, but you were extremely personable. The amount of detail and attentiveness put into my reading was just beautiful! I loved getting the photo of my cards and crystals. There were many specific words that stood out to me that I immediately resonated with. Thanks so much! The insights you provided me with eased my heart and reaffirmed my trust in the divine universe. I will be sure to tell my friends of you!” – Connor

“I emailed Claudia last week and she emailed me back a day later with a very in-depth reading that was spot-on! The time and attention she took in describing the cards she pulled, and interpreting them, was incredible. My spirit felt instantly uplifted after her reading. I have gone back to her email several times to re-read her message, and new information continues to come through. I have had many tarot card readings before, but this was my first “remote” reading. Claudia is super connected and very talented. Thank you so much Claudia and I’m excited for another reading in the near future! :)” – Tiffany

A great wave of warmth seemed to wash over me while reviewing Claudia’s reading. A close connection with what she had written for me was felt, as I was dealing with situations she had described in her message, reaffirming my decisions. But the best part was being sent a picture of my cards, with crystals she was drawn to while having me in her thoughts, a very nice touch indeed!” – Nick

“Wow!!! Thank you so much! Not only did you email me back with my reading in less than an hour, but it was so detailed, insightful and bang on given my situation. I literally got goosebumps reading it — it’s scarily accurate as far as  where my thoughts, concerns and worries lay, right now, but also for my future. You mentioned a lot of the things that are troubling me, which reassures me that not only is my gut trying to tell me something, but so is the universe, and I need to listen more to both. I was particularly interested by the section “what else do you want the cards to know” as it tied the rest of the reading together perfectly — reassuring me that you know exactly what you’re talking about and have connected everything together so well for me. Thank you so much Claudia, I am so fortunate to know someone so kind and talented as you, and wish you nothing but the best with all of this. I will definitely be tuning into your blog regularly as you’ve definitely got a gift!” – Natalee

Although halfway across the world and via email, the experience felt very personal; Claudia was a beautiful person to interact with. Receiving a photo of the cards and crystals is a lovely touch. It was a strange (a good strange!) feeling to see things that I know deep down, be put into words by someone else. Her insight provided comfort and guidance moving forward. I will definitely be recommending Claudia to any interested friends and will keep her in mind for another reading in the future. ”  – Cherie

“I love how you responded to me so promptly. Your reading is beautiful, your intuition so strong. It all makes sense. It affirms my emotions. It gave me so much more clarity and helped me so much to regain my focus and trust to just continue and work on that courage of seeing and walking through the door or doors. The photo with the cards and crystals was beautiful, too and really helpful to see and connect with. You are truly beautiful and I am so happy to have connected with you!!” – Nina

 “Thank you so much! It was a delight to receive your reading and it really settled deep within my heart as truth. I am truly blessed to cross your path at this time. I will recommend you to anyone who asks for a clear and heartfelt reading. – Anna

“Claudia, thank you so much for the reading. It really resonated with me! Many of your insights were incredibly accurate and relevant to what is currently going on in my life. I have gone back to reread your words several times now and I plan to take the advice that you have given me to heart. Again, thank you so much!” – Karlee

Claudia’s reading really helped me to trust that I am on the right path and has given me the reassurance and faith that everything does work out as it’s meant to. Everything that came up in the reading was spot on and helped me to realise that I do have all the tools I need to move forward – it’s a matter of putting them into practice. Claudia’s honest and welcoming approach made my tarot experience even better. Thank you so much!” – Natasha

Cloud is SO in tune with spirit that I can feel it all the way across the globe! She gave me an amazing reading that helped me gain some much needed clarity! She is also super-friendly! Thank You for my reading Cloud!” – Nathalie

“My reading from Claudia was was insightful, interesting and fun! In addition to a great reading, she was a pleasure to deal with – very friendly, professional and timely. If anyone is looking for a tarot reading, I would definitely recommend Claudia and seekingcelestialgrace.wordpress.com. Thanks again!” – Jessica

Claudia gave me a very insightful reading that touched on points that were giving me feelings of being stuck. Her reading allowed me to look over the questions I had asked and the situations at hand and how to move forward! Claudia is kind and responsive and has a great intuition! Thank you for my reading! ~ Blessings” – Gina

Everything about this reading totally spoke to me. It gave me the sense of being understood in my own character before trying to give me light on my relationship. I got the confirmation and comfort I was seeking in my current love situation. Cloud also brought up a person I hadn’t asked about but was spot on in their intentions and to be wary of them. Again came comfort and confirmation.” – Mariel

“I’m very grateful for the reading for it has given me some clarity and insight on my endeavor. I’m very thankful […] You are an incredible person and have a wonderful gift. I hope other querents see this too. :)” – Angel

“Omg. YESSSSS. I just has the most incredible, intuitive + spot on tarot reading by the incredible @seekingcelestialgrace […] If you’re looking for some guidance, go + email her!” – Vienda

“Wow…thank you so much claudia. I really appreciate the thought you put into helping me with some of my struggles right now. I am saving this email so I can wake up and read it whenever I start to lose myself or lose my motivation to dive head first into my life.[…]Thank you so much. You have a true talent. – Kaeleigh

“Thank you for the reading. It was very positive. I found your site through one of your posts and I thought I would try it for the first time. I am glad that my first time was with you. You are a special person. Thank you for the quick response. “ – Lisa

Amazing talents!! I got my reading less than a day later and it really helped me gain hope for the future!!! Thank you so much Claudia!! For sure keeping in touch!” – Moonthorns

“Thank-you for the beautiful reading, written with such warmth and kindness. You express the messages through the cards and guides with such care and honesty. The physical sensations i experienced as i read the response was amazing and comforting.  <3″ – Stephanie

“Thank you for your beautiful reading, Cloud. It was very insightful and extremely relevant to the journey I am on right now. – Amy

Thank you so much for your very accurate reading. It was honest and loving. I am now taking steps forward and no longer stuck in the mud of my own thoughts.  I accept your guidance and look forward to embracing my new opportunities and challenges.” – Rachel

It is clear how much love and care you put into the readings and I [sic] amazed at the detail you provide! I would be more than willing to recommend you!” – Victoria

“I am so grateful for my reading It is so spot on!!! Love it! Thank you for your honesty …” – Janice