understanding crystals

Why are crystals important?
Crystals, having been formed by the Earth, contain the highest frequencies of the Earth, as well. When you hold a crystal in your hand, you can feel the throbbing of that crystal’s energy. And so, these energies can be used for various purposes, as certain stones meet certain energy needs.
For example: Rose Quartz vibrates at a frequency that resonates with that of the heart chakra, so it is a stone that is ideal for forming, improving (or gaining) love relationships.
Because of their intense energy (and ability to absorb negative energy), crystals are immensely important for healing, meditation focus, room energy-absorbing, personal spiritual cleansing and protection.

What crystals do what?!
Unfortunately, the list is so extensive on the stones and crystals you might select, that I couldn’t possibly speak to them all! But I could definitely link you to a source that could assist you: check out A-Z Crystal Meaning’s Page.

Sadly, most websites only go by crystal name, and often the names of our crystals get lost. If you are looking for a more intensive reference, buy a crystal healing information book such as The Crystal Bible, or whichever book you feel most attached to.

How do I know what crystals I should buy/pick?
There is no right or wrong answer to this. I cannot tell you what to buy: the crystals will tell you that! What I recommend anyone to do, when it comes to crystals, is pick up what resonates with you. Maybe it’s the colour, the shape, the way it reflects light… if there is a reason that makes you go, “oh my gosh!” or, “wow!” then it’s simply meant to be. Often what I do when I enter a new age or crystal shop, is I hover my hand over the various stones. When I feel “pulled” or “urged to stop”, I look what is beneath my hand and pick up the first stone below it that calls me. The stones choose you because they know what kind of energy or healing you need, in that moment. Don’t doubt the stones!

The same technique is used when you are picking a stone to use for the day. Close your eyes, place your hand(s) over your collection and you will be pulled to a specific stone and a specific kind of energy you need, for that day. You can either bring the stone with you (in a necklace or a velvet pouch to keep in your pocket or purse), or just hold the crystal in your hand and, with intention, ask for it’s healing during the day. Remember to always give thanks!

Where do I put/keep crystals?
Anywhere! Put negative energy drawing crystals, such as Obsidian, by your front door so that when you come in from work or school, you touch the stones and ask them to take all your stresses and struggles from the day. Put crystals, such as Scolecite, in the rooms of your house that are most active to create a sense of calm and comfort. Put crystals, such as Blue Lace Agate, in your kitchen, to aid with digestion. Put crystals, such as Yellow Jasper, in your vehicle for protection during commutes or on a flight with you, while you’re traveling. Wear your crystal of the day around your neck or keep it in your pocket or purse. The possibilities are never ending! There is no wrong place to put or keep crystals.

beautiful phone case created by magickmoods
beautiful phone case created by magickmoods

Just to show you how versatile crystals are, this is my phone case! This beautiful case, created by the amazing and transcendental MAGICKMOODS is covered with Quartz points. No EMT for me! This is the best way to protect myself from the negative vibrations that are sent out by technology. Plus, this case is simply gorgeous, isn’t it?! I feel higher and more in-tune every time it’s in my hands!

Why do you have to cleanse and recharge crystals? How do you do it?
Because crystals have a job of soaking up negative emotions and low frequency vibrations, they need to be cleansed of this negativity. Think of crystals like a sponge: eventually, when the sponge gets too full, it loses it’s purpose of soaking up what has been spilled. Crystals are always “on”. They are always soaking up the energies of the living things around them. If someone walks by a crystal, the crystal draws some of the energy from them. It is what they’ve been created to do, and they’re real good at it, too!

So, because of this, they need to be “squeezed out”, and there are many ways to go about doing this:
– Place your crystals on a windowsill for 24 hours to soak up the sun and moonlight (if you have your crystals constantly on a windowsill where they can recharge at all times, then cleansing them is unnecessary)
– Place your crystals in a bowl of sea salt or Himalayan salt (table salt will not do!)
– Use natural incense to smoke your crystals
– Use sage or sweet grass to cleanse your crystals
– Ring a singing bowl over your crystals 9 times, or ring Tibetan tingshas over your crystals 3 times
– Hold your crystal in your hands, blow on it 3 times with positive intention and thank your crystals

crystals being cleansed by unpolished, uncut amethyst, post-tingsha bells cleansing
another way that you can cleanse your crystals is by circling them around an unpolished, roughly cut natural piece of amethyst

While some crystals can be run under tap water to be cleansed, some crystals cannot be put under water, so please be sure to research if this method of cleansing is acceptable for your specific stone.

…more coming soon…

3 thoughts on “understanding crystals

  1. Oh wow! This was a complete and lovely surprise for us to see that you featured our phone case on your blog. I thought I read every page, but I guess I missed this one. I was reading from my phone. Thank you so much for doing this. Crazy enough, while writing this we just saw cricket in our home!!! Caught him in a jar and set the little guy free. Crickets are a sign of success. This is a total sign from the universe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps, since you’ve shared the cricket’s presence with me, it is a sign for us both, as I do wish this blog to lead to a spiritual career, on the side! Thank you for sharing it with me. You’re wonderful 🙂

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  2. love, love, love, LOVE this. I have a 1lb rose quarts rock. Naturally formed with no man made shape definition or sanding. It’s my most prized possession and to be honest I cant even remember where it came from or how long its been in my possession. Magickal stuff!


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