the sacred art of tea


The art of making tea has been a cherished tradition for thousands of years. It’s been a tool to create bonds and new friendships, to create peace between enemies, a step in religious rituals, an afternoon pastime with family, and so much more. In each event where tea took centre stage, the focus was to pause, reflect and live in the moment.

And so, tea plays an important role in the life of a spiritual person, as well.

Making tea is a meditative experience that takes patience and awareness. The very act of stopping your worldly cares to boil a pot of water and prepare your loose leaves is calming and can turn an emotional or negative moment into a quiet and contemplative pause from reality.

Each tea leaf deserves a specific amount of care with regards to water temperature, steep time, and flavour mixing. They have a life of their own and need to be treated with respect and understanding. And the tea, coming from the earth, is a gift from the universe that is meant to warm your physical body, but also warm your soul.

Different tea leaves also have specific spiritual and physical purposes. They can calm anxiety, they can invigorate your senses, they can heighten your awareness before an intense yoga session… The opportunities are endless, as are the benefits of quality blends for living a healthy spiritual life.


I have developed my own tea blends based on some of the Major Arcana cards. Unfortunately, due to food licensing reasons, these are not things I can sell in my Etsy shop (despite how wonderful they look!). Instead, follow my Instagram account and perhaps you will be lucky enough to come across a contest to win one!


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