Spiritual Guidance

I have always been drawn to healing. As a youth, I believed I would be a psychiatrist, and my friends knew me as the one to solve any problem. Into my adult years, I saw my career choice – a teacher – as a healer in a way; a good teacher creates a safe space where students forget any issues they had before they stepped over the classroom threshold. And so, as someone who has finally acknowledged her Lightworker self, and who has begun to embrace her Empath abilities, and who has been pushed in readings and communication with guides to share my healing abilities with others, this seemed like the logical next step for my website.

I am nearly done obtaining my Angel Healing Therapy diploma. The processes and angel work I’ve learned through this course will be applied to my Spiritual Guidance work.

I haven’t yet gained the skills of physical healing, but I do have a gift with healing mental, emotional and spiritual struggles, and I wish to share those skills with you.

For €15, you can ADD SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE TO YOUR TAROT READING: send me an e-mail (an essay or story if it helps to type it all out!) and ask me for guidance in anything that plagues you: relationship troubles, misunderstanding readings or dreams, next steps you should take in your life when nothing seems to be working, and the like. I offer a judgement-free space to receive emotional and spiritual guidance and counseling.

What I will offer you in return is the following:

  • Highly intuitive understandings of emotional situations, dream and reality imagery and accurate readings of the intention of others
  • Attempts to tap into the communication of your guides and family members who have passed on steps for personal healing
  • Guidance for rituals that you can try that will help you with centering yourself, focusing your thoughts, achieving what you’d like to manifest in your life or help bring solace to any struggles
  • Assistance with a card reading from the Keepers of the Light Oracle for how to go about solving your problem
  • Honest and unbiased opinions about the situation and how to manifest intentions that benefit you
  • Crystal and incense/oil suggestions
  • Archangel guidance suggestions
  • Book suggestions, if applicable
  • Astrological information that might be applicable to your situation or needs
  • All the while, my words are being directed through the counsel of my guides and the Archangels

All this will be done in my sacred space, an environment filled with positive intention, and never when I am not in the right frame of mind (tired, angry, high on caffeine or having had any alcohol). This guidance is sacred, and I always treat it as such.

I have been offering spiritual guidance for years, so you will receive a response that is very personalized and highly professional.

Quick Pricing Reference:

Spiritual Guidance is € 15 (must be added to a TAROT READING)


If this seems like something you might be interested in, you can e.mail me, titling your e-mail as, “GUIDANCE”. Write out as much information about your situation as you can provide.
This is completely confidential and your e.mail will never be shared with anybody.
Include the names of anyone else that might be referenced in your e.mail (first is necessary, last is not).
Include your birthday and the signs or birth dates of anyone else in your e.mail.
Clarify your main concerns/your main reasons for the e.mail and guidance request.
And my guides and myself will do the rest!

Please read the following terms&conditions, and by e.mailing me, you agree to the following:

Spiritual Guidance is not meant to be definitive representations of what your future holds or what exactly to do (I do not predict the future!), but guides to give you hope, so that you may use your free will to make decisions that best suit you.

I will never tell you what to do, how to do it, what the definitive answer is, or what someone else might be thinking (I will only read for you).

My guidance will be intuitive and knowledgeable and will aim to give you a sense of grace or assist you in overcoming struggles. I am an honest empath, I am down to earth and free of prejudice, and I will always give you the best, most thorough guidance that I can. You can always expect something personal, just for you, but I cannot be held responsible if what you’ve received leaves you angry or disappointed.

I will only do spiritual guidance for individuals 18+.
I will not give legal or financial advice through my guidance.
I am not responsible for any events that may occur following your spiritual guidance.
I reserve the right to refuse a guidance.
You agree that you will not sue or seek legal action based on the choices you made from your guidance.

If you agree to these terms and conditions, you can e.mail me at: seekingcelestialgrace@gmail.com 

Once you’ve e.mailed me and we’ve agreed upon the project, I will send you a PayPal invoice indicating that I have received your request, with an approximate time as to when I will be able to dedicate time to your concerns.

Thank you, endless blessings, love & light!