SCG Membership

Do you anticipate wanting guidance throughout the year?
Do you see yourself looking for reassurance that you’re on the right path?
If so, a Tarot Reading Membership with Seeking Celestial Grace is the money saving way to ensure you’re getting consistent guidance when it works best for you.

Purchasing a membership means you’re getting tarot readings in bulk and saving at least 10% on the cost – the more you subscribe to, the more you save! You’re also guaranteed to receive your readings at this originally paid membership price should my individual costs go up through the year!

Membership is available in four formats:

3 times a year (every four months)

95€ (10% savings)

4 times a year (every 3 months)

120€ (15% savings)

6 times a year (every 2 months)

168€ (20% savings)

12 times a year (once a month)

320€ (24% savings)

If you are a former client of mine who purchased a reading prior to January 23nd 2020 and this membership option is something you are interested in, you get an additional 5% off the cost of the membership!

These memberships can be used on either REMOTE TEMPLATE READINGS or LIVE CHAT READINGS – and you can mix and match!

terms & conditions of the membership
  • Memberships cannot be shared with other people – they are for one client only.
  • The client must be the one to contact me during the month of their due reading to tell me they’re ready to proceed and give me 48 hours notice
  • Oracle cards and spiritual guidance can be added to readings as they are requested but at their original cost.
  • Membership must be paid in full at time of purchase; no refunds – refunds are only given if I (Cloud) am unable to provide you with your reading as scheduled – you will be refunded for the remaining readings.
    eg. 3 reading package – first reading in January – I am unable to read for you in April, you are refunded 95€/3 = 31.33€ x 2 = refund of 62.66€
  • Membership can start whenever you wish – you don’t need to have your first reading at the time of purchase, you may just want to lock in that discount! For previous clients, this means your readings do not start at our last correspondence, but when you wish.

Interested in a Seeking Celestial Grace tarot membership?
E-mail me to discuss!