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Divine Heart in Flight – A Healing Love Oracle

Inspired by the constant commentary on my relationship being like a fairy tale, as well as the desires & needs of my clients to have more fulfilling, healthier, and happier relationships, I created this oracle deck. This 40 card oracle deck (Tarot Sized) has no guidebook, as complete messages accompany each card. Each card also contains a reflection aimed at kickstarting your personal healing journey to help strengthen your partnership. No relationship can succeed if you don’t also put in the work. These cards can be used as a standalone for Divine guidance into where to focus your time and energy in a partnership, or can be a great addition to any love, relationship, or soulmate reading for yourself or clients. They’re great for healers as well who find emotional blockages in their clients. This deck can be used for partnerships of any and all kinds, and of any age – new or old. It’s really about recognizing healthy boundaries, implementing good bonding strategies, and strengthening strategies by finding out where the weak links in the partnerships are. 
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Celestial Lenormand

This 36 card, bridge sized deck (standard Lenormand sizing and quantity) uses the original Lenormand titles (with a little French thrown in as a nod to its roots – cavalier instead of the rider, monsieur instead of man, madame instead of woman) paired with vintage lino illustrations. The back of the deck has tiny fleur de lys as a nod to the French heritage of this deck (and my present home) an image of Metatron’s cube. I added keywords – my specialty – to help make diving into Lenormand a little easier. This divination tool will come in a white tuck box with a sticker of the deck name (as seen below), and a mini digital guidebook. When you ask your Lenormand deck a question, you build a sentence to get the answer. One card in the “sentence” represents the subject or person involved (the focus card) and the other cards around it give you the response to that subject matter. How I use them is I pull four cards to build my sentence and get my reply.
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The Softness of Surrender Affirmations Deck

This is a group of blocks in This 30 card, extra-large Tarot sized deck (89mmx127mm) uses simple textured papers with botanical painted images and important messages that provide hope, strength, positive affirmations, and spiritual words of wisdom from your Higher Self. Though the images and design are neutral and simplistic, the messages are impactful and can set your intention or goal for the day. Fonts used are so beautiful and are always in black to stand out against the softened background. There is no guidebook provided with this deck, as the intent is that you begin your day asking your guides and Higher Self for where your focus should be, you pull a card, and set that card aside in your altar to provide you focus and clarity for your spiritual purpose. These cards are also a great way to round off the final focus for your reading or your client’s reading.
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Buying any combo of decks (2 decks or all 3 decks) saves you on cost & shipping! If you have your eye on two or more, now is the best time to get them because that discount won’t be offered in my shop for any additional copies (if there are any), later. All decks will have my signature on the back of the box and numbered from this limited first release.

The first 40 orders of 3 DECK PACK get a special edition Seeking Celestial Grace ‘Manifest Your Destiny’ holographic vinyl sticker with Metatron’s cube. This will not be sold in my shop.
Only available to the first 40 orders of the 3 pack.

Please note: This is a preorder for the cards that I will be shutting down on July 18th, at which point I will put in an order with my card company and it will take around 3 to 4 weeks for the cards to be manufactured and mailed to me. I will pack and mail them to you. Speed of the mailing to you will be determined on shipping option selected and the process time of each country during this COVID situation.

In addition, I have *never* had a lost or stolen package for the untracked shipping option.

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