la galerie des glaces | the hall of mirrors

t a r o t

Inspired by French Chateaus – especially the Chateau de Versailles – and French oil painters, this deck will captivate you with its story telling and absolute timeless beauty.

All cards contain a unique oil painting chosen specifically by me for that particular card; this deck was created out of order as I slowly found paintings that fit certain cards in my mind.

The name of this deck – in both French & English – is a reference to the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ in Versailles and also meant to insinuate that this deck will be a mirror to your spirit, revealing parts of you that you never expected. Your Light and Shadow self will emerge from the paintings, all aspects of your Spiritual Self will come forth as you use these spectacular cards.

Because the oil paintings I chose for each card were so intentional, the guidebook will contain a small storytelling experience for each card, written by me, and the artist’s name, painting name, and date when it was painted (if available). In addition to these magical details, a general overview of card meaning will be included, and since each card contains its astrological attribution, that will also be in the guidebook for easy reference. 

A few unique details must be noted for this stunning deck…

➡️ Edges will be gold gilded and the box will be a hard cardboard lidded box
➡️ Images are a combination of landscapes and human figures, and all were chosen with deep intention
➡️ Major Arcana are numbered and names are written in French to give that Francophile touch, and Court names have been altered as well: Page is Artisan, Knight is Chevalier, Queen is Madame, King is Monsieur
➡️ All the suits and the Major Arcana are a different colour for easy reference, corresponding to the elemental aspect of each suit (blue for water, purple for air, maroon for fire, green for earth)
➡️ Suit names have been changed to reference aspects of the Chateau de Versailles: Cups are Fountains, Wands are Statues, Swords are Tritons, and Pentacles are Gardens
➡️ The backs of the cards is the ceiling of the Chapel of Versailles – a combination of luxury and holiness graces this deck
➡️ As usual, all cards contain four keywords to intuitively guide your understanding of the cards, and these cards also have astrological attributes listed under the name

You are encouraged to dive deep into the painting and pull out the meaning for your readings, and to not be so reliant on the corresponding guidebook. It’s meant to move you and take you away to a different time, telling a story in your mind that you can then relay through your spreads and readings. 

I have been a Francophile for years and it was always my dream to move to Paris, France. Now, having manifested that dream and being able to call Paris my own, it seemed natural to give a nod to the country and its culture, artists, and history which completely moved my spirit and changed my life.

This will be my most luxurious deck yet. I hope you’ll fall in love with it as deeply as I already have.