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Hi, I’m Cloud. This blog is a compilation of spiritual downloads, random thoughts, and important messages to help you life a life of purpose. Find me on Instagram: @seekingcelestialgrace

(Master) Jesus Download

As usual, my questions are bolded and the responses are not edited. This download came following a stream-of-consciousness writing period which was brought on by the frustration of people knowing Jesus solely as tied to the word ‘Christianity’… I am eternally frustrated by the thought people miss out on the teachings and the love ofContinue reading “(Master) Jesus Download”

Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)

Another day, another – three! – download(s)! As usual, my comments/questions are bolded while the response is unaltered. Today’s focuses were quite scattered. Between receiving past life messages, the power of my words, and disconnecting from those who wear masks, maybe there will be something that resonates with you. Another day, another document opened toContinue reading “Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)”

Melchizedek Download

Melchizedek was weird to connect to. He took a lot of my energy. He vibrates very quickly and he speaks very quickly so I am sure I missed some of what he was trying to convey to me. He also caused me dizziness and light flashes (with colours). I have never connected with him before,Continue reading “Melchizedek Download”


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