(Master) Jesus Download

As usual, my questions are bolded and the responses are not edited. This download came following a stream-of-consciousness writing period which was brought on by the frustration of people knowing Jesus solely as tied to the word ‘Christianity’… I am eternally frustrated by the thought people miss out on the teachings and the love ofContinue reading “(Master) Jesus Download”

Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)

Another day, another – three! – download(s)! As usual, my comments/questions are bolded while the response is unaltered. Today’s focuses were quite scattered. Between receiving past life messages, the power of my words, and disconnecting from those who wear masks, maybe there will be something that resonates with you. Another day, another document opened toContinue reading “Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)”

Archangel Sandalphon Download

The following script is a conversation gifted to me with Archangel Sandalphon. I have not edited it, after writing. Bold sentences are my question, the rest is his response. It came unexpectedly as I sat at my laptop to write. Not knowing what to write, I wrote: “Where do I begin?” and the rest justContinue reading “Archangel Sandalphon Download”

Toe Dipping Spirituality & Dreams vs Visions

Toe Dipping Spirituality What is it?This is the idea that you have to, “do it all” when it comes to your Spiritual Path. It’s the New Age concept of putting your fingers in all the pie. It often ends up in the study or practice of conflicting paths and leads to burn-out, confusion, loss ofContinue reading “Toe Dipping Spirituality & Dreams vs Visions”

Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows

Dark entities* exist and the strength behind the messages and the way they speak to you is not random. Words are selected with intent.  If you were a child raised in a Christin household, your first trauma would be hearing that you are sinful and need to repent. Dark entities will come to the childContinue reading “Sherlock Holmes of the Shadows”

Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will

“Any true spiritual teacher – even God – is not interested in having your personal power. Rather, the opposite is true: true spiritual teachers are interested in empowering you.” – Joshua David Stone, Ph.D This is a powerful statement, and it often crosses my mind when I am asked to give readings where clients askContinue reading “Empowerment, Ego, Destiny & Free Will”