Metatron Download on Forgiveness

I am not sure where to begin today except from a place of gratitude. I feel myself shifting with the universe and I see myself being rewarded for the trust I’ve placed in God & the God Force. I feel as though it is confirmation that I am on track and in sync with my purpose and writing is where I am meant to traverse. More specifically, I can see the healing that emerges from my Life Purpose & Past Lives readings and I know that they speak to people on a spirit-level, which is of utmost importance to me. 

I have been told that I should write about forgiveness. It plays a major role in this incarnation. It was stressed that I would go to Paris and write about forgiveness. I haven’t done this yet. Where do I begin? Who can assist me with clarifying this purpose?

I am the I AM. The spirit of forgiveness is one that ties back to the message of humility which was written about last week. When we are able to forgive others and release the negative emotion we harbour in our heart-centres, we are not only showing humility in our ability to let go of ego and say, “I am done with this pain,” but we are also demonstrating our strength to not let that pain hinder our growth towards something greater. Because truly, holding on to hatred hinders us from our spiritual growth. And it does not just mean saying, “I forgive you,” it means truly releasing all the deep-set pain that you have buried regarding this person or situation. Forgiveness is a cutting of a weed that prevents our plant from growing towards the sun. Forgiveness not only releases the other but releases us from the chokehold of those feelings. Because they are truly choking us. The forgiveness must be soul-deep. So deep, that it’s no longer a thought that crosses your mind ever again. We can forgive a person but recognize that the actions of that person were not in line with Love; that is their karma to bear. You do not need to carry over the weight of that karma by holding onto resentment. Freedom is what allows growth. Freedom Through Forgiveness.

Who am I speaking to? What more can you tell me about Forgiveness.

I am who I AM. Let that sit with you and vibrate your spirit. I am WHO I AM. I am the be all and the end all, I am the voice of God and the strength of the God Force. I am Metatron. I am one with you and one with all, we are the I AM. 

When you forgive, my cube is inscribed on your heart to help accelerate the healing. In addition, my cube amplifies the loving frequency that is sent out to the person to release them from your energetic field. When you forgive with me, I help funnel that love which gently energetically pushes the person out of your field and frees you completely. 

Forgiveness is the root at which human beings are fed. This is because being born in this body means we are inherently prone to flaws, error, failure. And that does not make us less God-Like if we are able to recognize that, seek to rectify that, and also allow ourselves to forgive those who have fallen from Grace. We know it is difficult, as some humans have fallen so far from Grace that they are barely human at the core anymore (for humans at the core are of the Kingdom of God and the living I AM); the dark has consumed them so deeply that they become anti-human, they are an embodiment of darkness. But what challenges darkness? Love. The Light of the Frequency of Love. And so to Forgive means to project this love into the darkness of their spirit and in doing so you may possibly save them. You have saved them, merely from releasing them with Love. And I know human nature may cause you to think, “But what if they don’t deserve saving?” but if you really are working to ascend and to reach the level of enlightenment you so desire, then you need to come to the understanding that all, even the darkest, need saving. They need it more than you can imagine. 

I hear you thinking, “What if you wish death upon an awful person?” – and this makes me laugh because you know what happens after death. You receive a complete freedom from the body and become one with Spirit; there you are no longer embodied by the darkness you had on earth but you are made to reflect on what went wrong (terribly wrong) in your human life, and how you plan to incarnate in your next to rectify it (your karma). If you wish death upon your enemy, you wish that he gets to escape from his soul-work in this life for moments – perhaps many – of pure bliss, before entering to repay his karma. If you truly wish your enemy to learn from the horrors they have done on earth, wish them a long life, one where they have to grow (it’s never easy or pleasant), heal, and transform. This doesn’t eliminate their karma, but it allows them to carry less weight though harder and more suffering work in this life. You are not wishing suffering, you are wishing healing (though healing sometimes carries the weight of suffering if you have a lot to rectify). This is rooted in the energy of forgiveness. 

How do I spread the message of forgiveness more effectively?

You just need to live it. When a thought that is anti-love is felt, forgive yourself, forgive the other it was projected towards, and release. Living on the frequency of love simultaneously connects you to the energy of forgiveness. Forgiveness is what is needed to heal this planet, for there is much that needs to be forgiven. There is so much darkness, so much war, so much strife, so much pain, and the first step to mend the cracks is to forgive those who have caused those cracks. If the power of forgiveness is strong enough, a spirit is shifted, a life path is changed, karmic ties are released, and the planet becomes better.

I know you have fully forgiven your sexual assailant, to the point where you have even released what has happened to you, believing it to have happened to another body, in another time, a distant memory. In doing so, you have sent the frequency of forgiveness, of love, to your assailant who’s name we release as well and you have shifted him to a path of selflessness, of advocating for others. He has not yet forgiven himself, though; his work will have a greater impact once he does. But that is not yours to worry about or your karma to carry. He will carry that into the following lifetime, it is written. You have released and the karmic ties are severed. You have chosen ascension. 

Ascension is forgiveness in action. Ascension is the ability to recognize that humanness has flaws but we transcend those flaws to grow. 

I am left to think about cancel culture… how is this anti-forgiveness?

Cancel Culture assumes that human beings are perfect, that hatred is not learned but innate and that someone must be persecuted for being born with this hate. Cancel Culture is the embodiment of the concept of ‘original sin’ which makes me laugh and shake my head because those perpetuating cancel culture often have a deep-set hate for Christianity! Cancel Culture assumes we cannot make mistakes and rectify those mistakes. Ascension assumes the opposite; that all mistakes can be healed through karmic energetic exchanges and dedicating your life to God and the energy of Love. We do not cancel you for getting it wrong. We merely encourage you to grow from the start. Re-plant the seeds. Re-water the soil. Feed it with nutrients that help you rise, not stunt your growth. Soak the roots in Love and not in Hate. No dying plant deserves to be tossed without the opportunity to be replanted and re-grow. Cancel Culture is a disease and those who use it are also masked in the fear that their human errors may also come to the surface. By pointing their fingers at those in the spotlight and screaming “CANCELED!” they divert the attention away from their own mistakes, errors, discrimination, and HUMANNESS. Cancel Culture is anti-ascension. Cancel Culture is anti-Spirit, and anti-Light. Cancel Culture must be unlearned just as hatred is unlearned. Cancel Culture is anti-forgiveness, and anti-humility. 

Is there anything else you wish to share with those who are reading?

I am the I AM. And I urge those who have difficulties processing the energy of forgiveness to call on me and I will assist them. I will draw my cube on their hearts and I will transmute the resentment they are holding onto into a funnel of forgiveness and a release of the fear attached to forgiveness. I want people to release so that they can grow and ascend. That is all.

Thank you so very much… I am so grateful.

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