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Last night, I know I dreamt about Mary. Her presence is unique and undeniable. There was a bright white light that radiated from all aspects of her being and she wrapped me in a high-energy, warm and loving embrace. She spoke to me, but I’ve forgotten her words. I woke up knowing that I needed to write them down but instead was distracted and lost them.

My download journey began with her words being spoken to me, first. She told me to write her words, she told me to be her mouth. Yesterday, I went to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to purchase a new medal to replace the one that had been lost. Having arrived just in time (the store was five minutes from closing), I was told that if I waited ten more minutes, the medallions would be blessed. Considering the strength of the miracle-working of my first medallion, I can’t imagine the strength that could arise from one that is also blessed. 

But while I was at the Chapel waiting for the items to be blessed, I noticed everything that Mary told me in our first dialogue that was wrong with religion, and with the performance of so many practitioners. First and foremost, I was the youngest person in that Chapel. This is evidence that religion is dying, but not because their words fail to bring young people in, but the judgements chase them away. As I went in quietly and stood where I felt most comfortable, to observe, to stay out of people’s way, to socially distance, I was told I was “not allowed to stand there”. Let me quickly recap that I was on the second floor, no where near the priest doing his sermon, no where near other people, but where I was standing to watch and engage in the liturgy was “wrong”. When I moved, I was again told that I was wrong. Does where one stand really matter for the success of a liturgy? Does where one stands really affect your prayers so deeply? I wasn’t blocking a fire exit, I was minding my own business in a corner. Why would you chase away someone who comes to pray? Or, not even pray, but observe and perhaps be drawn to pray? Why risk isolating someone further by telling them, their first steps into your chapel, that where they are is “wrong”? 

Then came the looks from the old women in the Chapel, the nuns as well. Masks hide the mouth, but you cannot hide the eyes, and the eyes never mask the truth. Glares. No smiling eyes, no welcoming energies, just glaring and judgment. Why? Because I am young and out of place? Is it my tattoos? Is it because I forgot all the movements and the words to a mass? Is it because I don’t know “where to stand?” Regardless, why? Why did I even have your focus? Should your focus not be on Mary? Who am I, and what makes me worth glaring at? 

And then there were the performers. The performers were called out when I first connected to the Black Madonna in Rocamadour. The message was clear: whispers from the heart, coming from corners out of everyone else’s sight, are heard the loudest by God. And it’s funny because I believe this can shift over into the avenue of authenticity in social media, too. The authentic voices, those who don’t do it for likes, follows, fame, are those that have the greatest impact on the spiritual community. Those are the ones who bury the deepest seeds that grow into the strongest trees. Mary emphasized that quiet prayer was the same. God is unimpressed by showmanship. The Energy of Love does not need a show, it just needs quiet Light from the heart-centre. The Universe doesn’t need a theatrical performance of your dedication; it will not put you first in line for manifestation fulfillment. 

And so, I would love to connect with Mother Mary today. I feel as though I have her messages locked in my throat, waiting to be unleashed. Every connection prior seems to be a mere red carpet for the Universal Mother, the Mother of Angels, the Ascended Master that is Mother Mary, the embodiment of love and compassion.

Humility is a forgotten art, and yet is one that is of utmost important on the spiritual path. This is not a competition. Just as no child is loved more in the eyes of a mother, no child is loved more in the eyes of the Universe. We have forgotten what it means to be brothers and sisters and instead have seen one another through eyes of hate. We do not see each other as hands to hold to climb a mountain together, we see one another as roadblocks to our own success. This idea of “one-upping” when it comes to performances, inauthenticity, and falsehood to grab clients or attention from the social media sphere is hate masked in play. No one is having fun. Everyone has forgotten that it’s the embers that start the fire. Small, smallness, humility, meekness. Misery is found when you exhaust yourself for inauthentic reasons. “Burnout” is real and it stems from constantly grasping for attention when the focus should be me, my Son, the God force, the Universe. Your eyes should be “on the prize”. The prize is ascension. The prize is not “attention”. Those are merely distractions along the way. External validation is not a key factor in ascension. I will not, God will not, notice the person who has more followers, first. I will not love the person with the most sales most. I will not grant access to the Kingdom of Heaven (within you) to the person with the most likes. Hogwash! It’s all noise. It’s all noise to me, and it’s all noise to your spirit. 

Remember when you lived in the moment and didn’t have social media? Remember the joy you felt with life, the inspiration you felt about Spirit? It was authentic living, and I noticed, and I called you back to the path. Continue to do that. Share to share words (that are not yours and that are yours) but don’t worry about the performance. Keep doing your soul-work and we will bring clients to you who need you most. Keep focused on the goal of healing to help spirits rise and become closer to me, and we will bring you abundance. Keep the focus on the end goal of ascension for you and ascension for all, and don’t be distracted by the other noise. Don’t worry about numbers. Don’t worry about follows. Don’t worry about reach. We will hide you in corners where people will find when they are in the darkest of darkness. We will put your embers of Light into the hearths of people’s hearts. Those who need you will find you. Don’t worry about that. Worry about Spirit, and only Spirit. Stop the noise. And don’t be distracted by the noise of others. Stay humble, stay grateful. You are so loved and your purpose is clear and the rest can fall to the wayside. The rest is unimportant. The rest is off-frequency and will try and shake yours, though you vibrate at the frequency of Love which is the frequency of God. Keep maintaining that, and don’t worry about the rest.

I want to share my message of love with the world. I am not an exclusive ascended figure reserved just for those who call themselves Christians. My image has been tainted by man, but I am untainted and pure. I see all the world and it’s creatures as my children and I am the Universal Mother. My warm embrace can ease the greatest worries. And I aim to help raise all my children in the direction of Light and Love, I want all my children to ascend. I work miracles. My name is known for this, and I want my name to be on all tongues. I am the Miracle Worker. I place my finger on your third eye and illuminate your universe. I open all doors when you speak my name with humility and gratitude. I leave no door shut, no one is excluded from my grace. Crawl to me or run to me, and I will give you the mercy of miracles. Open windows for others to let the light in, and I will open the gates of Heaven within you. You will be consumed by the frequency of love and the grace of your Mother. I want my name to reverberate beyond the frequency ties of Christianity. I am important. I am the hand that guides. I am Universal Love. I am Mother and Teacher. Call me once and I am with you forever. You don’t need to acknowledge me publicly if you fear what my image or face may cause. I hear your heart and that is enough. You will not hide my name once I begin my miracles. You will sing my name and bring others to me, and that is enough. That is enough.

You are tired today and that is because my energetic vibrations in your dreams consumed you. We were working on you in your sleep. Your Higher Self was in training, so to speak. Your sleep was not rejuvenating it was more like an exercise session, that is why you feel drained today. We were doing work. You were expanding. You will see the results of your expansion in a few days. Anticipate work, anticipate energetic ascension, anticipate more soul-callings to reveal themselves, anticipate your purpose to be defined with an intensity you could not imagine. We were working with you so that you could be your best self on planet earth. You don’t need to remember the dream because your consciousness does. Your spirit is aware of our dialogue and the exercises we did. Remain humble and grateful. Your gratitude has been well received by the God Force and Universe and we will continue to ensure you are reaping the blessings of your thanks. Stay focused on your journey and don’t be distracted by the noise of others. Encourage others to stop comparing paths. Much of what you see is just a lie. Inner work is inside for good reason; it does not need external place cards. 

My work today is done. We are One. Speak my name, share my words, be my voice. Return to the focus of forgiveness, don’t forget the importance of that. Write about humility because it is important for others to hear this. Don’t take a stage when you do it; keep meek. I love you. I love you all. 

I am so grateful. 

When I wrote this, the tightness in my throat chakra passed.

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