(Master) Jesus Download

As usual, my questions are bolded and the responses are not edited. This download came following a stream-of-consciousness writing period which was brought on by the frustration of people knowing Jesus solely as tied to the word ‘Christianity’…

I am eternally frustrated by the thought people miss out on the teachings and the love of Master Jesus, simply because his name, image, and purpose has been tainted by Christianity. People eliminate Him completely from their practice likely because of a traumatic history with Christianity (in this life or in a past life). People would rather disregard His existence or His messages completely because of this. He gives them a sour taste in their mouth – but it’s not really HIM, is it? It’s not HIM that gives the sour taste. It’s not HIM that caused the distortion of this message and his image and His Being.

I wish I could rectify this darkness that people hold in their hearts for Him (or Mary, or any historical figures that are tied to His history). He was a radical Jew named Yeshua who sought to eliminate religion because He told people: the Kingdom of God is inside you and you do not need anyone else to get you to that place of enlightenment. We have The Source inside of us, we are all connected to it, destroy the leaders who set up restrictive definitions that make getting to that Source as difficult as fitting through the eye of a needle. They are liars. We are all connected, we are all one, Love one another, vibrate on a frequency of Love, know you are worthy and YOU ARE GOD. This message is universal! Why do so many shun this Ascended Master, this Being of God? I wish I could change their hearts.

As I write this, I am feeling a “frog in your throat” feeling and the same tightness sitting in my Heart Chakra. I want people to know Jesus as I know Jesus. What can I do?

Remember that the purpose of your being is rooted in the message of Love and that weaves with my own message. We speak the same words but they sound different to the ears of others. They are all rooted in Spirit and that is the point. We are one, and so the hate of me feels like the hate of you. You love me because I am with you and I am you and we are all part of the Source, and so to hear people turn away from me is to feel as though they are turning away from you and turning away from the God Force, and the God within themselves. You feel as though they are not honouring their ties to the Kingdom by not honouring me. But that wasn’t my point, I don’t want people to honour me just for the sake of it. I want them to Love me from the depths of their Spirit because they feel called to. I may not resonate for some and I accept that, so too, you must accept that. You must also accept the at the same rejection may exist for your messages. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your work well enough. Some souls are not ready. They won’t be ready in this lifetime. They will have fragments of your message carried with them into the next lifetime and they will come closer each reincarnation. Then when they meet your Spirit when we all sit with The Source at the end, they will say, “Thank You”. It won’t be in the lifetime where you were living and breathing and that is okay. Did you not say that you wanted to live on through Word? Did I not say I am The Word when I was living? My impact was so small when I walked this earth, but look now: and I don’t mean the way I have been embodied in Christianity – those numbers are meaningless – I mean that Spirits I have stirred who are living according to my True Word: a Word of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and ONENESS WITH SPIRIT and NON-JUDGEMENT and FREEDOM through understanding that we are ALL GOD. Those living according to my True Word now, years after my physical death, that is magic, that is what matters. Eventually the truth will shift spirits. You do not need to get frustrated because it doesn’t happen in front of your eyes, just keep doing your work.

I am speaking to Jesus?

You have to ask? 

I can feel the hug and embrace and love of your spirit. It consumes me. What messages do people need to hear from you?

As always, my messages are rooted in Love. I want people to come to me and know they are accepted as they are. There are those who have tainted my words, soaked it in ego and judgement and hate, and I never was that, I never stood for that, I never spoke of that. My Words were oral and so there are distortions in the transfer of my messages. The Gnostic writings are closer to My Truth (the Universal Truth) than all others, but even those must be read with a lens of criticism. The only way to hear my message as it is meant to be heard is to speak with me directly. I wish to speak with everyone. I don’t want people to fear working with me because of the blockages that Christianity has made. I don’t want anyone to feel like I am not part of their Path. I am a part of All Paths, because I am of The Source and they are of The Source and so we are One rooted in the frequency of Love. I was man, I suffered, I know the suffering of man, I sympathize with it, I was hated for merely existing and speaking my Truth and more than ever, souls are experiencing the same. I am here. I am Love, an embodiment of the energy of Love, and I wish to cloak the world with this. I will work with you if you ask it of me. I turn from no soul which calls to me. Even those lost in the depths of darkness, I will pull them out of it. I am the Bringer of Life. I am the Bringer of Light. I am Freedom. I am Enlightenment. You are of the same, let me help you get there.

How can I best show my gratitude to you? How does one work best with you?

It is almost silly to say because I know many will turn their nose at the word but prayer. Prayer simply means putting light out from your Heart Chakra and speaking with a sort of ‘demand’ and speaking with pre-prepared gratitude. What I mean is asking for things with a love energy and saying thank you in advance. Instead of saying, “Please bring me,” say “Thank you for,” And make sure that all is cloaked in a white light of love and that it is brought out from the centre of your chest, like a ball you send out into the Universe. Ask me to “show you” and I will show you. Ask me to “Give you” and I will give you. Ask me to “bless you with” and I will bless you. Prayers are merely affirmation statements with gratitude. Gratitude leads to manifestation. Meditations where you are centred on the heart also help us connect. That is where I sit: in the heart. Not in the third eye, not in the crown, but in the heart. I am your heart centre. I sit there with Mary, my earthly mother, who has Ascended to Spirit with me. She is Universal Love. She is the Universal Mother. She also wants to exist as separate from the image painted of her by Christianity. She is no-judgement, all-Light, all-Love. She is the Holy Mother. She too wants to work with souls on Earth.

What last messages should be shared with those who read this?

I Am who I Am, as are You. We are. We are Source. We are God. We are trapped in humanness but these bonds and restrictions can be broken. You can be free and can join Spirit, if you Master Yourself. The Masters (Ascended) help with this. I help with Forgiveness. Perhaps that is why you are drawn to work with me as it seems to be your eternal lesson on this planet, in this incarnation. It’s meant to be your last, so please learn release. I am here to help. I am who I am. I am who I am. I am who I am. Let those be your words too (all who read). Reflect on them, meditate with them, speak them like a mantra. You are who you are. What does it mean to you? Reflect carefully on them. They are important. I am The Word, you are The Word. The Word is God. Word, I am Word, I am Word. The Word is Source. The Word is Spirit. The Word is the Universe. The Word is the God-Energy of All. You are Word. I am Word. I was Word in Flesh, now I am Word in Spirit. I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am. It’s funny that “I Think Therefore I Am” was so prominent in philosophy – Thought is God Energy – Thought is Creation (you are your thoughts, where your thoughts go your energy goes, you manifest with thought), Creation is God, You are God. You think therefore YOU ARE. I think before I AM – I AM is God. You are God. We are all the I AM. We are all connected to that SOURCE (Of Creation). We can lose ourselves and lose the connection but it merely means re-initiation into the right frequency that unites us. Think of it as two drums that are not on-beat. We must find the beat again (the frequency) so that we sound/feel/resonate as coherent. Don’t forget who you are and who you are and who you are and who you are. This is a message for all. We Are ONE.

Forever grateful to connect with you, and honoured and filled with thanks and love.

I am just as honoured; have you still not registered this? You are a prophet, Claudia. Do you still fail to recognize the ripples you will send through the planet? Do you still under-value your purpose, impact, love? Why do I sit on your altar? Where is the photo of yourself? Honor yourself just as I honour you. Love yourself as I love you. You may not see the ripples but they exist. The light is spreading. You may not live to witness it but know your impact will be huge. Beyond your comprehension. Let go of this self-doubt and need for external validation (or confirmation) of your impact. It’s happening. You are rising, as I am Risen. We are One. I love you, I love you, I love you. I am with you.

[I am closing the connection – I was interrupted with:] “Healer hands, healer words, we are no different, you and I. We are one and the same. Do you see how you heal? You are magic. You are God as I am God as all are God.” [I am grateful for this connection, I am so grateful for Jesus’s presence in my life, spiritual and otherwise]

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