Past Lives & Staying Focused (Ashtar Download + more)

Another day, another – three! – download(s)! As usual, my comments/questions are bolded while the response is unaltered. Today’s focuses were quite scattered. Between receiving past life messages, the power of my words, and disconnecting from those who wear masks, maybe there will be something that resonates with you.

Another day, another document opened to begin my writing. I would love to get insight into a past life and the lessons learned. I would love to make a connection to download more information to share with others. I do want to make this world a better place. And I believe your messages are important; far more important than my own.

It is sad to read that you do not find your words important because they are no different than your downloads and vibrate at the same God Force frequency. Anything rooted in the Love Energy comes out with the same power and strength. You are under-valuing the power of your own words when they are gifts in and of themselves. Were you not told just a few days ago that you are a prophet? Why do you still hesitate and recoil from this word? Do you still fail to recognize the value of your gifts? Will you never learn this lesson?

Who am I speaking to? [they left – I lost the connection]

You are torn between the ocean and the mountains because these are two important aspects of  your existence on this planet. You’ve been born, many times, next to these two manifestations of Mother Earth. Your spirit is torn between the two because you grew and loved both the ocean and the mountains. Both played a primary role in your growth. You lived and breathed and died by both. You were revitalized by both, you were fed by both, your life purpose in different timelines were entwined by both. You were both Atlantian and you were a mountain dweller. You have soul-ties to both and that is why you can never choose between the two.

Who am I speaking to?


Why have you come forth to speak to me today?

To remind you of your purpose. To remind you of the ties you have to this earth and the importance of being elevated by these material aspects of the planet. So many people want to run away to the stars but forget about the life force that exists within these earthly gifts, the mountains, the trees, the ocean waves, the flowers, the fauna. We spend so much time running from our humanness that we fail to see the value in our existence in this beautiful planet. It’s hidden secrets that are scattered across continents. It’s hidden histories that hold magic and ascension. 

What can you tell me about my life in Atlantis?

You were revered as a goddess for your people. You ruled with an iron fist but one wrapped in a cloak of love. Your people knew you would protect them at all costs and would sacrifice yourself to do so. You harnessed mage powers and used them for good. You loved your people and you loved your husband. He is your husband in this life as well. That is why you are both born under teh water-bearer sign today. He was different in that life. Less compassionate. More power-driven. You tried to save him but were not successful. He was pulled into a love of power. He was not as loved by the people as you were. That angered him. He chose to destroy you. WIth the loss of you he felt the people would turn to him. Instead they were angered and suspicious. Your legacy lived on through a child who was like you. Aumora. She was beautiful and loved by your people as you were. Your husband adored her, but she was suspicious of him. Your people were destroyed in the tragic destruction of Atlantis. Your daughter’s last thought was of you. She is your mom in this life. We are left with fragments of memories of Atlantis. They are hidden deep inside you. You have lost them. As a child you were drawn to the history and I ask you to “dive back in” because this point in your life was immensely important. I cannot tell you what lesson was learned. You need to uncover this. You need to divulge the Atlantean secrets on your own accord. You must research. I am begging you. Write stories of Atlantis. Your people will live again through your words. You are still remembered. Some Atlantean people have found you again in this lifetime. They are some of your followers on social media and some friends who are strangely drawn to your Aura. They don’t understand what brings them back to you but the ties were in this time, in this continent. Help them remember who they were as you remember who you were.

Thank you for those memories. What was my past life in the mountains?

You were a farmer and your medicinal plants grew in the tallest nooks of the mountains you lived below. You would spend your days searching and gathering these plants and distributing them to your small town’s townspeople. You were seen to be a healer and you knew not where this knowledge came from. You were humble and lived a humble life. You were a man who died of old age. People did not mourn your death because that was not common in your town. There was a respect for death there. You had no family and no children and lived with no animals. Your home was very small – just one room. You were happy and comfortable. You taught some of your medicinal practices to a young boy who would come visit you. You loved him like a son. He is your dad in this present life. He carried on your work when you passed. He knew you’d meet again. You simply adored him and his eagerness to learn the trade. He would follow you in the mountains. It was a silent practice, sometimes you would just nod to one another because you could speak to one another without talking. It was a quiet life. You were important in a humble way. Your life lesson for this life can be told to you: it was that a life that lacked was truly full. You had little but felt complete. You lived with purpose. You returned because you knew there was more to heal, in different ways. 

Thank you. That life has left me feeling somewhat emotional. 

I can feel this. I think you know that a life alone was your path then but in partnerships, you feel truly complete. Maybe you are overwhelmed by his loneliness. He was lonely. He did desire love. Love not in the form of gratitude from his townspeople, but love in the form of a wife. He was so dedicated to his practice that he forgot to allow himself time to love. You have found that balance in this life. And you’ve done so without attachment. You can tell him that. You can tell him he is loved now. 

I felt the release when I did that (*please note; I am in tears).

He is free. But the mountains still call you. Don’t forget them. 

What messages should I share with others, from you Ashtar, today? (He has left – our connection was disconnected)

Thank you to God and the God Force for my connections, today. I will take a break until I feel compelled to re-connect. 

Having never worked with Ashtar before, I looked him up in my Ascended Masters and Archangel book and read that he is sometimes referred to as ‘Commander Ashtar”. He works closely with Jess, Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain. It’s interesting he came in because after my first connection was lost, I made a reminder that the only energies I wish to connect to are those of the God Force, of Love and of Light. He is also associated with releasing fear, so maybe that’s why I had that emotional release for the second past life mentioned. He also helps with profound spiritual understanding, which syncs with the Atlantis memory. I have some work to do. 

Feature Image of Ashtar is from the Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray 

Later (around two hours later) my ears were ringing, so I meditated to tune into a message…

Don’t let the masks of others distract you from your own path focus. They should not concern you. All masks fall to the floor in due time. People see through the facades eventually. Like attracts like, so keep your vibrations high to pull those who need to hear your message to you. Do not let the lowered vibrations of others influence your own frequency. Keep focused. It is your humanness that desires to shine a light on the performances of others, to say, “Look, do you see now? Do you see how fake this person is?” but that’s not part of your job. Shrug it off. Pull those who are hypnotized by these fake performances into your light. They will soon come to the realization on their own terms. When they compare your frequencies, the message will be more clear. The person vibrating with a persona of fals-itude (I feel like the words were ‘false + attitude’) and using the jargon of business language to hook the masses will soon realize their accumulation of attention is in vain, as they are doomed to repeat another life of lessons in the next round. Don’t give them an ounce of attention. The Universal Energy (which you know as ‘Karma’) will deal with them accordingly. All that matters is your path. And that is a path of light. Focus on the hearts and spirits you wish to guide. They need you. You would do best to unfollow those who reek of inauthenticity. They are nothing but a distraction. They will continue to distract themselves in the process. Let them.

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