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Melchizedek was weird to connect to. He took a lot of my energy. He vibrates very quickly and he speaks very quickly so I am sure I missed some of what he was trying to convey to me. He also caused me dizziness and light flashes (with colours). I have never connected with him before, I even had difficulty writing his name, and didn’t know anything about him prior to this (despite working with Ascended Masters, he is not one I ever connected with). It was interesting to find a picture of him with Sacred Geometry. Here is the download I received today, when I really believed nothing would come through. It is short because I wasn’t energetically prepared. I should do this first thing in the morning, I know that now.

As usual, my speech is bolded & nothing is edited. The “Fall From Grace” he references is because I made jot-notes and wrote those words yesterday.

I was told to write every day, so here I am. Is there anyone from the God Force who wishes to step forward today? What should I write about?

Let’s speak about what you wrote which is “Fall From Grace” as it corresponds to the message provided by Sandalphon yesterday in which he described slipping down a mountain and having to begin your lightworker journey, once again.

Who am I speaking to?


Why have you come forward?

Because of where you are located.

What does that mean?

Paris will be a central hub for healing and I will be at the forefront.

Why Paris?

Its history has prepared it for this spiritual revolution. Its people are ready. There is no sitting back in silence any longer. Transformation is on the horizon. You call this home for good reason. Your spirit was aware of the work starting here. It is a disaster, it needs a cleanse, the cleanse is happening, people are awakening.

Who are you?

I am a healer and ultimate teacher, I had an earthly form and now I am Ascended. I am a Master of magic and healing. I use the tools of the hands and geometry to achieve my work.

What message do you have to bring forward?

That the re-initiation will be a challenge set forth by me. That a Fall From Grace is a perfect description of when one gets caught in the space between light and dark, when one is lead forward by ego, by a performance or persona that is not true to their Spirit, by a temptation of power and glory and a consuming of pride. Grace is the freedom given to you by the energy of Love which is the energy at which God vibrates and to pull from that, which is truly the natural state of all humans, is to fall from Grace. We are only as holy as we allow ourselves to be. When we are lead by our ego we have chosen the less holy path. We must understand that to be like God we must carry the responsibilities of God and the responsibilities of creation. This vibration carries responsibilities, it is why I am a Master. I too have responsibilities that I must fulfill by acknowledging and receiving this role. I am honoured by them. When humans receive this gift of Grace, this gift of Holiness, but then choose to taint it with the dangers and consequence of ego, the fall is hard, fast, painful. To rise again means to struggle more. But I haven’t come here to just talk about that struggle. You spoke enough about this yesterday with Sandalphon. I have more messages to bring you.

What messages do you need to bring to those who may read this?

That the Awakening is now. The shift is now. Step into your responsibilities, step into your soul-governed roles. Work hard to heal your traumas, break and bend the past life lessons and learn to rise with them. Heal yourself, Master Yourself, love yourself so you can step into the role that has been designated for you, that has been designated for all. You cannot run from what you are made for. You cannot hide from the Awakening. You either step into love with a transcendence of ego or you fall into the pit of darkness and despair. There is no in-between. There is no time for in-between anymore. It is all or nothing. I know God does not speak in absolutes but the Revelations spoke of the same; it will happen and you will either be ready for it or you will fall. I want everyone to be ready for it. This is not meant to frighten you, it’s meant to invigorate you and excite you about the important role you play in this Spiritual Revolution (your readers, not just you Claudia). You have a job, you have a duty, you are important, you are a key piece in this puzzle. Will you step into the role you’ve been assigned, or will pride consume you as you search for a better role, a more important role, a powerful role, a wealth-driven role? Humans know it doesn’t matter in the end, right? John Lennon said, “You don’t take nothing with you but your soul,” and you don’t need to be dead for that to be true. If you have nothing at all, you still have Spirit, no? If you have everything but feel empty, you’ve still got your Spirit with you, no? Spirit always. Spirit is the reality. Spirit is love energy and is God. You are God.

How can I help?

Be fully present when you write. You are tired today. I will leave you. Come back tomorrow with more focus. New projects distract you, among other things. This is the most important project, don’t forget this.

Thank you.

Feature Image is Melchizedek by Marius Michael George

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