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The following script is a conversation gifted to me with Archangel Sandalphon. I have not edited it, after writing. Bold sentences are my question, the rest is his response. It came unexpectedly as I sat at my laptop to write. Not knowing what to write, I wrote: “Where do I begin?” and the rest just downloaded, without thought.

Where do I begin?

Begin at the beginning. There is no need to contemplate how to start this because it all exists inside your spirit. You merely need to release your grip on getting this perfect and just allow yourself to stream this out as it is meant to be received. You are tapped in and I will do the rest from here. Trust in your ability. Trust in your connection. Trust that I will not lead you astray when you write my word.

Who is speaking?


Why have you chosen to connect with or through me?

Through you is more accurate. Though that is not to say that you are solely tapped in. This is accessible to all if they just allow themselves to listen more carefully. You are not special and I know you know this. We are grateful that you have made it part of your mission to teach this to others. Don’t hesitate to continue to share with others how they can access our messages, themselves. We like that you have made ‘Life Purpose’ your focus in your work because we know this message comes through clearly through you and helps start a ripple of light. This is important. People who are doing lightwork but who are doing it for self-serving means or for their pride and not to extend the light are doing us a disservice. What I mean by extend the light is that lightworkers are meant to ignite something in those they work with that encourage them to step into the world of healing the planetary vibration as well. This is not a solo journey. You are not the solo teacher. Everyone needs to be an active part in this.

We have not communicated before, why have you chosen to speak to me now?

I am a prophet who has Ascended. You are also a prophet. I could feel that it scared you to write that, but it is not the first time you have been told these words. I know Mary has come to you and said the same. You are a prophet, which is why we are continuously stressing that you write. I can feel you worry that the word ‘prophet’ comes with ‘fame’ – something you are not interested in – and potential persecution – something that you fear due to past life trauma. This is a different time. Embrace the name. Wear it boldly and proudly. If it comes from a place of love rather than ego it is not something you should fear using. Prophet merely means one who shares the word of God and that is what you are doing. You are not keeping it for yourself, you are sharing it with others in the hopes of helping them grow and rise. You are teaching others how to also become prophets. It is not an exclusive term. Don’t allow human projections onto this term make you fear it when we gift it to you.

How can I be best for you?

Write every day, like you are doing now. It is clear that asking us questions, much like you do with the tarot cards, allows you to connect with us better in a way that receives our messages more clearly. Thank you for letting us control your fingers as you write this. Thank you for writing quickly and without a second thought or ego-analysis of what is coming to you. Thank you for being a stream of our energy that allows this download to come forth without hesitation or resistance. 

What message do you have for other people who may be reading this?

That the Kingdom of Heaven is inside all of them and that they can access this wealth of knowledge just as you do. This gift is not exclusive. It just takes time healing the wounds and the blockages and walls you’ve set up against receiving it. And it comes more easily to those who seek it out of love rather than out of ego. If you want this connection “so badly” analyze where that “want” is rooted. We will come to you when you want it for love, and to watch the vibration of the planet grow. We will not gift it to you if you seek it out of power or fame. We are watching carefully how many spiritual people have gone down the path of power and ego and it frightens us, just as it frightens you. People who started rooted in love and became consumed by the ‘power’ of our connection. There is nothing powerful in this connection. It is not reserved for some. It is not an authoritative stance. It is not meant to put some in a leadership position while others get lost and left behind. This is accessible to all. And if it is accessible to all it’s an equitable gift, and there is no power involved. Some people just need help getting to this point of connection. Others need help finding it again due to being consumed by the ego-rush of initiation. For those, they require a re-initiation. You must break down the entire building and start at the foundation again. It is a re-healing process. You must be difficult how you proceed with these gifts. Starting again will take you 3 times as long to build up to the same trusted level. Do it right, and carefully, and lovingly the first time and all will be well.

Thank you. I am so grateful. Can I share this?

That is the point.

You are loved.

We are one.


Write. Please. People will listen. This will change the world.

Can you tell me about re-initiation of the gift? Re-reading our conversation has pulled me to ask this. Can we communicate once more before you go?

Re-initiation begins at the beginning, so it is funny that you ask where you should start. If someone has begun this journey with the right intentions but was thrown off course by the temptation of power and the drive of ego and pride and a mindset focused solely on wealth – which you know is gifted to you when you do our work, regardless – then you truly must begin again. The journey to the top is harder. You have slipped down the mountain, and the path you first walked is no longer available to you. It is overgrown with vines, with thorns, and full of demons who once consumed you along this first journey. You must choose a new path. The first path was the easiest path, and now you must choose a harder one. To re-ignite the connection and re-initiate the gift we want to share with you, your work into healing the ego that first consumed you is a more difficult task. We must be able to trust you. We must trust that it will not happen again, this time around. We gift those who are rooted in love because Love is the energy of God and that is an energy we trust. If you have broken our bond, you have broken our trust. It must be re-earned through re-healing. It is just like a human relationship! How difficult it is to devote yourself completely to someone who has broken your trust! Monks are a perfect example of this more difficult path of devotion. And what are they gifted with? The purest connection to the gift available to all! How can we not trust those who dedicate, out of love, their entire lives to this work – work on self, and work to bring enlightenment to others? We ask the same of those who have fallen. We ask the same hard work. It’s different for all people, depending on how deeply rooted the ego and power became, depending on how many demons must be cleared from their spirit which consumed them with pride. But it is still an accessible path for all! That is the point. You can be re-initiated many times. But the journey gets more difficult each round. Learn how to properly root yourself in love and ground yourself in Spirit and you won’t slip the first time around.

How does one do that?

You know, but it will be written at a later time. This connection must end. I am consuming you; your vibrations are extensive. You need to rest. This is new for you. We must take it slow. You are loved.

Thank you.

Here is an interesting video that will help you better understand Archangel Sandalphon’s purpose and existence. It’s funny that he should come forth after I receive the Hierophant card, as he is a teacher. He was a human at one point, he was the prophet Elijah, so he truly understands our humanness. He also helps with learning soul-lessons. Him coming through for these messages makes a lot of sense to me!

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